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Biologically-minded people: How, why and when do your tastebuds change as you get old

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I was the fussies/pickiest eater as a child. I truly would gag on many foods.


But now, I can eat about any vegetable, fruit, grain/bean and many chicken preparations (sometimes :tongue_smilie:).


I could NEVER eat beef until I got pregnant. It used to make me gag. Then, practically overnight, I craved it.


How, when, why does this happen?

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Not too long ago I did a Science lesson with the kids that discussed the taste buds. When a baby is born they have more taste buds than the rest of us. The taste buds are not only on their tongues, but the inside of their cheeks.


As you get older some of these taste buds die off gradually over the years. I'm guessing that in your later years so many of the taste buds have died off that you can tolerate a lot of foods you used to not like.

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