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s/o not celebrating Thanksgiving

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First-I didn't know that people don't celebrate Thanksgiving. However I do understand why some do not. I am of the mind that we get together with family and there is a lot of food and that is a good enough reason :D


Second-I want to be completly open, honest, and factual with my kids so what/how do you teach your children about Thanksgiving. I definitly don't want to give them the wrong impression as we have been taught in the past. I want to learn and teach the truth. So what sources have you used that are tried and true that I can use?


Third-What do you tell the kids when they see their cousins/others running around doing the indian/pilgrim thing?


Just so you know I am completly new to most things. Have been living in a box apparently and since we decided to homeschool the lid has popped off and all heck has broken loose. So thanks for bearing with me :001_smile:



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One book to begin reading is America B.C. by Barry Fell -- it is close to 30 years old. That book began our journey into questioning the Columbus/Pilgrim story we got pounded in our heads as kids.


Nowadays, many people finally are getting on the bandwagon and supporting his ideas to America being discovered by many ancient cultures before Columbus. After reading this book in 1999, we were very fortunate to take a special trip to a site (not accessible by the public -- we had to drive out in the desert in ATVs.) owned by the Univ of New Mexico -- to see a rock with petroglyphs that were in an Ancient Semitic language. The professor told us about the dating technique and it was very amazing to see how far those ancient travelers journeyed. But back then, the area from Chaco Canyon to Mexico was like an "ancient superhighway" for trade and commerce.


One recent documentary you may be able to view is the History Channel's Holy Grail in America originally aired on 9-29-09. Basically it covers the evidence that the Knights Templars came to America after the Vikings -- and 130 years before Columbus.


Show Description: "In 1898, a Minnesota farmer clearing trees from his field uproots a large stone covered with mysterious runes. Now known as the Kensington Rune Stone, it details a journey of land acquisition and murder--in the year 1362. Thought by some to be a hoax, new evidence suggests it could be real, and a clue that the Knights Templar discovered America 100 years before Columbus, perhaps bringing with them history's greatest treasure...The Holy Grail.


See how symbols on the Rune Stone match Templar ruins all over Europe. History tells us the Templar were massacred on Friday the 13th, but that a Templar fleet allegedly containing treasure was last seen off Scotland in the late 1300s. Stones with similar markings as the Rune stone have been found on islands across the Atlantic Ocean, as well as in Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Is it possible the Templar were leaving clues to an incredible journey to the New World?"

It is all interesting evidence to make one wonder why history textbooks don't share this info. I highly doubt the Holy Grail is in America -- but like the show as it provides understanding to ancient explorations long before Columbus. HTH

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