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Is there a Vet on this forum? I have dog issues (gross and graphic)

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I have a female German Shepherd and a male German Shepherd mix. Yesterday, one of them pooped in my son's room. They had been outside for about an hour, we went to the dentist (we were gone maybe 1 1/2 hours) and came back to that pile of poop. I let them out (fenced yard) and cleaned it up. When they came in they drank a crazy amount of water. I filled up the bowl and our female guzzled it. I refilled it and my male guzzled it. I filled it a 3rd time and they both guzzled it at the same time. I usually refill the bowl once or twice during the day, but yesterday I filled it 5 or 6 times. Our female dog did not finish her dinner either, which is unusual because she is a pig.


This morning around 7:00, our female peed from the top of the stairs, all down the staircase, and into the hallway by the door. DH heard her panting and was getting up to let her out, but she couldn't hold it. This is weird because I got up around 6:00 to use the bathroom and she didn't ask to go out then. She's always had good bladder control and even though she's 9, she's healthy, and has the energy of a puppy. I would think that if she was at the point where she couldn't hold it at 7:00, she would have asked to go out at 6:00. Sometime between the time that DH let her out and cleaned up the pee at 7:00 and 8:20 when he made it downstairs, one of the dogs had puked downstairs.


DH did not feed the dogs breakfast this morning and only gave them a little bit of water. We went out to run some errands for a little over an hour, came home, and there was poop and pee at the top of the stairs. The poop was mostly solid, but there were 4 or 5 different piles of it. Since we weren't home to witness the poop incidents yesterday or today, we didn't see who did it. It sounds more like something our male dog would do because he has been known to do that before, but we obviously can't be sure. If DH hadn't witnessed our female peeing all the way down the staircase, I would have thought for sure that my male had done that too.


I can't think of anything unusual they got into, unless they got into something in the yard. The only thing I know for sure our female dog got into yesterday was some cat food, and she does like to eat used tissues, but I don't think she got hold of any (or many). She does seem to have less energy than normal. Our male's energy level seems the same.


What should we do? Should we switch them to ground chicken/beef and rice for a few days? Is this something more serious where they should see the vet? Normally I would take her right in, but we had an emergency-vet visit with our male dog last week that cost over $300, so we'd like to avoid the vet if possible. If it sounds more serious than that and you think we should take her in, of course we will.


I also wanted to add that we had digestive issues with them a couple months back (vomiting and diarreah that time) right after we opened a new bag of food. I think it was our male dog that time. We took him to the vet, put them both on the boiled ground beef/rice diet for several days, and bought a new bag of food just to be on the safe side. DH just opened a new bag of food for them a couple days ago. We don't use cheap food -- we use Science Diet. I don't know if it was just a coincidence or not, or if it's possible we got bad batches. I'd really hate to throw out $40 worth of dog food if it's just a coincidence.


Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!

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There is at least one vet on this forum so I hope they'll respond as well.


I'll throw in my two bits:


-if they seem fine overall, not lethargic, gums a good color, and not vomiting/diarrhea for more than 24h, I wait and see

-I do check gums & heart rate & do an overall exam checking for signs of dehydration.


-to me, the sudden urination is a bit more of a problem than the bowel movements. I'd worry about a UTI. Watch her carefully and if it happens again, get a sample & take her in. She might need antibiotics.


Science Diet is not IMO a premium food. There are consumer reports online of people having probs with this food throughout this summer/fall.



I'd take them off this food immediately, and go get your money back. The seller will refund you $ when you return it. Put them on something like Orijen, Evo, Taste of the Wild etc etc. Read the reviews here for some good food recommendations.



If they're acting fine, it's ok IMO to fast them for 12-24h or just give no sodium broth.


When you resume feeding, I'd also add a probiotic and wild salmon oil to their diets.


best wishes

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There is one made for pets



I have used it & it's a good product though I wasn't too big a fan of the pump dispenser.


I believe in the US, Costco sells a knock off which I hear is good.


Because the entire family - furry & non furry - takes salmon oil, I just buy lots of human grade wild salmon oil capsules and give the dogs those.


This is what I use: http://www.goldseal.ca/products/salmon_oil.asp


You just need to find wild Pacific salmon oil in a reputable brand. My grocery store sells the capsules.

I blogged about EFA's this summer as I was watching my newly adopted dog's coat change as a result of diet. You can see the pictures of a the dramatic change in coat in my malamutexgsd & the more subtle changes happening now in my English Setter.


"Daisy (75 lbs) gets 1000 mg twice a day. Darwin (50lbs) gets 2000mg twice a day and will stay at this higher dose until he's turned his coat over entirely, then I'll drop him to the same dose as Daisy."



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My 2 y.o. terrier/beagle started pooping in the house...loose plops but not really watery.


Took him in & he had colitis & bloody stool. He took 3 different meds and hasn't had another incident.


He also was drinking more than usual & had low energy.


He also peed by the door once during this time before I took him to the vet.

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Thanks, everyone! My female seems to have perked up a bit, and we left the house for awhile and there were no further accidents. I think to be on the safe-side we're going to give them ground beef and rice for a few days, and I'm definitely going to pick up some salmon oil (thanks for the dosing recommendations, Hornblower!). If she keeps having accidents, we'll definitely take her in. I know it's not bloat. The vet thought she had that earlier this year and had us rush her in. I've read a lot about the signs since then.


Apparently I was wrong about the dog food we give them. We feed them Nutro. Science Diet is what we feed the cats. DH buys the bags and dumps them into a storage container. They're too heavy for me to lift without dumping half the food on the floor ;)

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