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What is a MUST clean for you?

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This sounds like me. My list of musts:


I only fold every 3 - 4 days because when I folded daily, the kids wore the same two outfits!




My boys were like this too, LOL, but I have them get dressed before they put their laundry away so that they at least wear something different. :lol:


I don't have a place to leave clean laundry since I fold it on the kitchen table. Our washer and dryer are in our kitchen. :tongue_smilie:

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I like things neat too. If I'm in a bad mood, cleaning actually makes me feel better. I have had a friend tell me that she liked coming to my house for playdates because it was always so clean and pleasant.


But I don't clean as much as you do! My house is 3800 sq ft and it takes me at least an hour just to mop all of the floors, so I only do it once a week or sometimes only every other with some spot cleaning. I sweep several times a day so they don't usually look bad. I vacuum and dust several times a week because we have pets. The kids wipe the bathrooms and oldest does a bigger clean once a week. The kids keep the dishes taken care of after meals since I do the cooking. I do the laundry but my bad habit is that I hate folding and leave things like sheets and towels in a laundry basket in my room which looks cluttery.


My biggest thing is clutter, every day we each have a "hot spot" to check- the counter by the phone, the table in the foyer, etc. That's where clutter always accumulates and I can't take clutter. Everything has a place and everything is in it's place.


It sounds like you have a great system going! You've inspired me to organize my routine better and stick to it more consistently.

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I wouldn't use the word insane. Compulsive, maybe. Or obsessive. :)


You definitely are beyond the norm in the cleaning department, but if it makes you happy, isn't taking away from your other obligations, and hurts no one, so what?


I wish I had half of your cleaning energy!

Michelle T

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