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Dr. Hive - how long to recover from Kidney Infection?

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I come off my 2nd round of Cipro today. I feel much better than when I came off the first round. We are hoping a 3rd is not required.


My question is how long does it take to fully recover from a kidney infection? The urologist said it "could take awhile" for the kidney to completely recover. He is not talking about any damage, just "irritability" and "overall healing" after the antibiotic knocks out the infection. I am honestly not sure what he means. I was a bit overwhelmed when I saw him and didn't think to ask some of this until later :001_huh:.


Is this like healing from a cut or other injury? The outward repairs are done, but the tenderness remains for awhile? Anything I should or shouldn't do? Thanks all!!

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IME kidneys are slow to heal. I think bad infections actually damage the nephrons & those will have to heal or re-grow.


There are herbs to strengthen the kidney but I don't feel comfortable recommending any - you should consult a certifed herbalist for that. I definitely would pursue it. I did after a very bad bout of kidney stones which did a lot of damage to my right kidney. I still need to be really careful with my kidney (tough to do as I also have chronic back pain & the OTC pain relievers are bad for kidneys in the long term...)


What you can do now is drink lots of water. No alcohol until your kidney is completely healed and even then, really moderate consumption. Limit your intake of 'toxins' - which runs the gamut from pesticides, herbicides, OTC meds, industrial chemicals, harsh cleaners etc. Eat a very good diet, low in animal proteins, high in anti -oxidants.

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