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Org. Leapster owners... What games do I want?

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So I am buying the regular Leapster for my 6 year old daughter (who loves star wars oddly enough, but she is still ALL girl and sugary sweet) and my 4 year old boy who loves anything cars and Thomas & Friends, but I don't know what games to get.


I am not one who is too thrilled with goofy characters and such. I like wholesome, not too commercialized stuff. I want this to be educational, yet super fun for them. So I would love to have game recommendations from all of you. Even what games to avoid.


Also, what accessories have you found profitable to have?


Thanks for all your help!!!


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My DD has the following games....Up, Pet Pals, Disney Princess, Dora the Explorer, Diego Animal Rescuer, Mr Pencil's Learn to Draw and Write, and Creature Create.


Her favorites (according to me because these get used the most) are Pet Pals, Dora the Explorer, and Diego Animal Rescuer.


For Christmas I'll be getting her another game. I'm leaning towards the new amusement park game.


By the way, you do not have to stick with the "older" Leapster games. The newer ones will work with it too.

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Gosh, we must have 30 games, and not one is something I regretted getting. They are all fun and educational in some way. In fact, my youngest is getting the Leapster 2 for Christmas, and I'm not sure I'm going to buy any games to go with it, because we already have a ton, and I know he will love them and learn from them.


I agree that it's a good idea to look at eBay and Craig's List. Also, on Black Friday, I think it's Target that is having all Leapster games on sale for $15

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