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I LOVE Rats, Bulls and Flying Machines (Renaissance)!


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I was just coming to start a thread asking for Renaissance and Reformation era books for my order tomorrow. Thank you so much, Dawn.



I also liked:


Martin Luther: A Man Who Changed the World

(We listened to and sang A Mighty Fortress is our God after reading the book.)


Sing a Song of Sixpence

(picture book possibly about Henry VIII)


The Secret Shofar of Barcelona

(picture book about Spanish inqusition)


Breaking into Print

(picture book about Guttenberg)


A Florentine Merchant

(great story/picture book which gives a good overview)


*** We also read several books on exploration and conquistadors, so I could give you my list on that as well.


*** We are doing a longer study of Renaissance artists, so I could give you my list for this as well.


*** I could also give you my list for what we are going to use for Queen Elizabeth, Shakespeare, and the remaining chapters in SOTW 2.

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