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Nipping a cold in the bud...is it possible?

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I KNOW I have seen this thread somewhere, but I can't find it! I have that really runny nose, some chills, sneezing and sore throat that signals a cold coming on. I really don't think this is the flu (I had the standard flu shot, but did not get H1 innoc.)


What is the best way to fend of a "baby cold"?


I started to feel a bit yucky on Saturday while on the plane on our way to visit my parents (THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS TO ME!). I started taking Airborne on Thursday in prep for the Saturday flight. Now I'm taking it 3x a day (per the instructions) and taking an additional extra 1000 mg of Vit C. I'm using my Neti pot with NeilMed rinse 2x a day. I'm drinking hot peppermint tea (they don't have any green tea for the anti-ox properties). I had (canned) chix noodle soup for lunch.


Anything else? I remember reading in some newspaper article years ago that taking a modest dose of Tylenol or Ibuprofin can help fend off a cold. I know that there is some thinking now that taking cold medications for the symptoms can actually LENGTHEN the symptoms. I just want this gone. I don't want to be sick here.

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Zinc helps. Take 1000 mg of Vit C every other hour up to 10,000mg. If you begin to have stomach upset with it just back off the Vit. C. The Oscilloco stuff helps at the beginning of a cold. There's all kinds of natural remedies for immune building. Do a search on immune building on this board. Can you make a pot of homemade chicken soup?


I hope you feel better soon. :001_smile:

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I've done this. It's not pretty, but I've had succes.:D


Raw garlic. (Do a raw parsley chaser).


That's right, peel a few cloves and swallow them. In broth, tea, or in a couple of teaspoons of yogurt.


Garlic is the ultimate anti bacterial and anti viral.


PS I am a ***huge*** aspirin fan.

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I LOVE GARLIC. This might be a good excuse for Caesar salad for both lunch dinner tomorrow night.


I did a board search on immunity building. I'll pick up some kefir tomorrow (LLL will be twirly and happy when she sees it, too. She LOVES kefir on frozen blueberries for breakfast).


Thanks for jogging my memory everybody. I just love this board! :grouphug:

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Cold Eeze works incredibly well for us - just don't take it within half an hour of vitamin C as they counteract each other (making neither work).


I've worked in our public school with oodles of sick kids... as soon as I feel a cold coming on (VERY first feelings - sneezes or the start of a sore throat), that's when the Cold Eeze does it's stuff. Taking one right before bed leaves one with a dry mouth, but no cold. If I remember reading correctly, it works on 80% of cold viruses (4 out of 5) - and will lessen the duration of the others by 3 - 4 days.


The first time I tried the stuff I took one in the parking lot of the grocery store. My sore throat was gone before I got on the road. I was hooked from them. Now my whole extended family (and their friends) are believers too.


All that said, if your cold is as far along as you say, it might be too late for this stuff to work the best.


For that 1 in 5 colds that gets through... a combo of pseudoephedrine hydrochloride and ibuprofen as well as green tea and Cold Eeze all work to make the symptoms pretty easy to deal with - and gone within 4 - 5 days or so.


Mostly I like the ones that don't get through, however, we still tend to get one every couple of years. You can't live in a bubble.

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