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Has anyone heard about a plague in the Ukraine?

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There are a couple unhelpful articles floating around with the word "plague"in them. :glare:

For one thing, if it was plague it wouldn't be bubonic; based on the symptoms and presentation it would be pulmonary aka pneumonic plague & you'd have much higher death rates as pulmonary plague is almost 100% fatal.


This is NOT what's happening.


It would help things if WHO would finally release the sequences as a lot of the speculation is being fuelled by having no public sequences of the samples.


There are some credible reports that possibly this is basically the novel A/H1N1 but patients are co-infected with parainfluenza causing more severe symptoms. Some research into the fatal Mexican cases also shows co-infection with parainfluenza.


Still waiting to see what happens next. I think developments in Russia & Poland will give us the bigger picture.

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