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Those of you who follow Nourishing Trad....

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Well, I really don't "follow" NT any more, because I personally found that even with soaking/sprouting/fermenting, my body simply doesn't handle grains and legumes well. So I am following a NeanderThin/Primal diet which avoids modern agriculture-based foods, and instead tries to emulate a hunter-gatherer type diet. But I still add in some of the principles of NT such as fermented vegetables and bone broths/stocks.


When I was following it, a typical day would look something like . . .




Pancakes (with the flour soaked in yogurt overnight, served with organic butter and pure maple syrup)

Scrambled eggs topped with fermented salsa




This is a tough one to describe. I like to keep lunch simple. Leftovers from dinner the night before, if we had them, or just kind of grazing on whatever we had. I would sometimes buy sandwich meats from a local butcher and deli that is natural and nitrate/ite-free. Or we might have cheese quesadillas using sprouted flour tortillas which I bought at a health food store.




Typically a grilled or baked/roasted meat (grilled salmon, baked chicken, etc.)

Some veggies sauteed in butter or coconut oil or a mixture, or a green salad with homemade dressing (olive-oil based rather than canola or soybean like store-bought)

Homemade bread if I had it on hand, or rice or potatoes.


Some nights if I was going to be away from home much of the day, I would throw some random stuff into the crock-pot, with broth I had made previously, and call it stew. :D


I would also attempt to match up a fermented veggie (kimchi) or chutney with the meal when possible.


Oh, and we ate lots of stir-fry. Since rice doesn't have to be soaked, the only thing you do differently with stir-fry is chose a healthier cooking oil (coconut is wonderful!) and preferably organic ingredients.


Hope that helps a little?

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