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I need a book recommendation


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My youngest is dyslexic. I'll list the series she has enjoyed in order of difficulty.


Rainbow Magic Fairies - fantasy

Pony-Crazed Princess

My Secret Unicorn - fantasy

Katie Kazoo - fantasy

Animal Ark Pets (warning - In Animal Ark Pets, the pet always lives. In the Animal Ark series, the pet sometimes dies.)

How I Survived Middle School

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Five Ancestors - historical adventure

everything by Andrew Clements

Cricket in Times Square and all the sequels - told from point of view of animals

Samurai Mysteries by Hoobler - mystery/adventure

Warriors by Hunter (all three series and the specials too) - told from point of view of cats

Mysterious Benedict Society - mystery/adventure


This list starts at 2nd grade level and goes up to 6th grade level.


Other series that she enjoyed, but listened to on audio rather than reading:

City of Ember and all three sequels - science fiction

Lionboy and both sequels - realistic fantasy

Peter and Fudge books by Blume

Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Riordan - fantasy

Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Wrede - medieval fantasy

Artemis Fowl by Colfer - sci fi / fantasy

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Chronicles of Narnia,

Charlie and the chocolate factory, James and the Giant Peach (and others by the same author)

Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary


These were all big hits with my 7yr old. :001_smile:

Oh, his favorite book is Castle in the Attic by Elisabeth Winthrop (the toy knight in the castle comes alive)

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