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Homeschooling challenge- any ideas are appreciated

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It looks like we're going to be homeschooling overseas and on the move next year. I've homeschooled before in the one of the countries we'll be in, so I know what I'm getting into, but this year will be different because we will be living in three different cities in two different countries, and we won't be able to take much stuff with us. So here are my restrictions:


We can take 4 or 5 suitcases, 50 pounds each (this is the limit, because we'll be flying on very small airplanes on some of our moves between different countries). We have 5 people in our family.


Nothing will be shipped- those suitcases will need to hold everything.


I can easily get general school supplies there, but books in English are completely unavailable, and there wouldn't be much room for them anyway in our suitcases (last time I took 300 pounds of books, which I obviously can't this year). Ordering books from the US won't be practical either, because we'll be moving around and will continue to have the suitcase restrictions.


My best idea so far is to use e-readers, but there's a lot that we use for homeschooling that isn't available yet for any type of e-reader.


I've dealt with a lot of these issues before, but I could use some creative ideas to work with this specific situation.

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It would probably be easier if we hadn't already been homeschooling, because then I wouldn't mind trying something totally new. But since we've found resources that work for us, I don't want to change to an entirely new program for a year, especially one that depends on internet access.


How are Kindle and Sony Reader at reading PDF files? Might it be possible to convert some of our textbooks to PDF so they could be read on an e-reader? There's probably some sort of copyright violation there though. But too many of books we're using, like for grammar, science, history, math, etc., aren't available electronically (although many of the books I'd want to take are available).


And is that 4-5 suitcases (50#each) per person or total for the family? Will you have dependable internet access?


That's 4-5 total, for a total weight of 200-250 pounds for the entire family. Internet access will not be at all dependable. Spotty dial-up will be the most we have. My children will be in 6th and 4th grades.

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What about scanning in all the textbook pages and saving them as files? Maybe create a website for your family and load it all up there?


Sounds exciting...can you give us a hint about what part of the world you will be living in?


I'm thinking scanning everything in might be my best option, even though it'll take forever. At least I have a long time to work on it.


We'll be Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. We've lived in Kyrgyzstan before and I'm really looking foward to going back.

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