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What have you used when you've been here....

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I've had to return to work on a full time basis. I'm working in the evening and homeschooling 4 dc during the day. I have an 11th grader who is not challenged by BJU's 11th Writing & Grammar. We've also tried A Beka's 11th grade level so far and she's also bored. I wasn't expecting to homeschool her anymore (last year we sent her to private school. Some here might remember my old posting about how slow moving the school's pace using Saxon Math was). Anyway, we only used BJU & A Beka because a dear friend lent them to me. Dd is a very strong writer, speller, and reader. The last English she did before going off to private school last year (for her 10th grade year) was Rod & Staff's 8th grade English. The only thing we dropped the ball on a little was vocabulary (ok, so maybe more than a little). Sooooooooooo, since I'm working I'm looking first and foremost for a way that she can continue doing writing & literature independently and one that'll keep her challenged. I just don't know what program that would be. Please, anyone? If there's a program you've tried please let me know. If it has vocabulary that's perfect! Would prefer a Christian themed one but since time is of the essence I don't mind something secular. I admit I haven't had time to look much because of work. Please feel free to jump in now..............................


Sincerely as always,


Libby in Texas :)


Mama to 4 using CLE, A Beka, BJU, R&S, SWO, Saxon, and others

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If she's bored with an 11th grade level book, maybe she doesn't need a textbook anymore. Perhaps you could assign written papers, short ones ... 1-2 pages, as the assignment in the other subjects.


For example: instead of doing questions or test in history, have her write a summary of the chapter. OR instead of doing a test in science, have her do a little reasearch and write a very short paper on something she finds particulary interesting in the science chapter she's just read.


Perhaps you could assign some creative writing assignments.

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