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Your favorite mac and cheese or mac/cheese/ham bake recipes?

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Can you share a tried and true recipe? I want to make this this week, but it's been forever since I made an homemade mac and cheese since my kids didn't like anything I tried when they were littler. Now they like the consistency, and I'm hoping to try again, since I love the stuff :lol:



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I don't know how much of a cook you are, but here is a detailed set of instructions on making a cheese sauce.




I make a cheese sauce with sharp cheddar, including a couple of pinched of mustard powder and white pepper and NO added salt.


I pour it over WW elbows, stir (this is all in a long low glass baking dish) and cover generously with slices of sharp cheddar.


I cook convection at 300, so that would be 325 for a long slow cook until the top browns a little. I keep a platter in the fridge all the time, in case little friends come home from the park.


Rave reviews and no guest child has turned up their nose at the WW. Except for the WW part (and she would have used them if she could have gotten them in the rural midwest in the 40's) a tip of the hat to Mother for this recipe. I include the instructions because that is the part that hornsnoggles people, and two women, years apart, both of whom lost their mother's as a teen, have said to me "I needed a mother to teach me how to make that sauce" when I showed them.

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1/2 block cream cheese

2 or so tsp dried mustard

1 pt heavy cream or 1/2 and 1/2

8oz colby jack shredded

8oz sharp cheddar

salt and pepper


melt in microwave if you have one, I don't so I do it on the stove over low heat


pour over macaroni noodles

cover with shredded medium sharp cheese


bake at 350 deg 20-30 minutes you may have to cover the top in the last 10 or so minutes to keep from being too brown


all the ingredient portions are approximate and you can adjust to taste






1 can of coke

1 can of pinapple rings

whole cloves


put ham in dish. pour coke over it, pour juice from pinapple over it


using whole cloves to stick pinapple rings all over ham. Cover completely and tightly with aluminum foil or with you top of dish and cook at 400 for 1 to 2 hours depending on how big you ham is. It should be kinda dark and steaming like crazy.

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Our family likes this:


I make a melted butter/flour mixture. Add milk. Add several slices of American cheese. I use a little bit of yellow mustard (maybe 1/2 tsp in enough to feed 10) to enhance the cheese flavor and some tumeric (maybe 1/4 tsp. It's a key ingredient in mustard, but very good for you and this is a dish I can put it in!) I can't give measurements because I don't cook that way. But it's a basic white sauce with cheese added. I taste for flavor and sometimes add some salt. We use Barilla plus pasta that has extra protein, fiber, and Omega 3's but the texture and flavor is like white pasta. All of my kids love this. And it's quick.

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