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What Algebra is self teaching and sort of like CLE?


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Just trying to figure out where we are headed. I had my dd doing CLE and that went very well. Now we are starting out Prealgebra and I got chalkdust prealgebra. I got the Dana Mosely cds cheap and have them more on hand for reference as we need them through algebra and may link them by topic or use them as problems arise for extra help. I am finding with the PreAlgebra book there feels like a lot of sifting through to decide what problems to do and what to skip for her. I would like a program that is really straightforward, has enough practice but not overwhelming amounts of problems, and one that self teaches in the actual text. I have no problem teaching myself and have had higher level math but just for time sake prefer to have teaching be more to jump in to reinforce or help them grasp concepts rather than having to teach every concept if possible. So I am not looking to have someone else teach it as much as I am for convenience. I loved the way CLE taught to the student. I correct problems as we go and have them show me the first few problems in new concept sections as they work them. This worked great and made my job easy. What is out there that might be the same for Algebra?


Thanks so much for any help or advice!:)

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Kinetic Books Algebra was self-teaching for my middle dd. She especially liked that the practice problems all gave immediate feedback (and often had stepped help too) so she knew whether or not she actually knew how to do the problems before she came to the pencil&paper problems.


I had my dd do all the problems except in the end-of-unit section. The end-of-unit section is the only part that is done off the computer. There is an answer key only for the odds, so that is all I had my dd do. Some of the end-of-unit sections had far more problems than I felt they needed, so I had my dd do every-other-odd for those sections.


KB doesn't divide up neatly into lessons, so I set an amount of time for her to work on it each day rather than an amount of work. 45 minutes/day was a nice amount of work to do.


They have the first chapter available as a demo or you can do the trial that will give you access to the whole thing, but only for 1-2 weeks (I can't remember how long the trial period is).


It's a lot less expensive than Teaching Textbooks, but it can't be passed on afterwards. If you buy the cd-rom version, it can be installed only one time and can be used for only one user. If you buy the subscription version, then you do it online, but it times out after one year (and is good for only one user).



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What grade did you finish with CLE math? We are using CLE math 7 and it IS pre-algebra imho. Why not continue with CLE math until algebra.


I am contemplating just doing that sticking with CLE. It's good to hear you feel it is enough prep for algebra. That would by far be the easiest way to go for me. Just wanting to get my algebra choice in line now so I know where I am headed and feel sure it will work for us. Not sure what direction to go with that. I have considered Saxon and just keeping LOF going on the side to supplement. It's a possibility. I wanted a more separate treatment of geometry on the upper level yet I can't argue that CLE mixes geometry in there and it works so it's a possibility.

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