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What math games are good for primary students?


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So far, I have these on hand to play next year for K & Tot School (2010):



Chutes & Ladders

Hi Ho Cherry-O



Old Maid

Go Fish

Bugs Sort & Count

Cooties (I hate this, but the girls love it...)

Connect Four

Memory Game


All Around the Farm

Pattern Block Puzzles


Duplo Blocks

Wooden Blocks

Green Chip Mankala (homemade)

Rainbow Frog Hop (homemade)

Felt Shapes on Felt Board (homemade)

Sort & Count Chick Peas

Sort & Count Color Tiles

Sort & Count Color Cubes

Sort & Count Pom-Poms

Sort & Count Buttons


I'm not really thinking about hands-on activities (e.g., baking/cooking), but more along the lines of a game, puzzle, or sort & count.


Although, I just remembered, I could set up a "store" and get some play money. That would be fun for all of us. They LOVE to play "Kitchen," so they would probably ADORE playing "Store." Any other ideas? :bigear:

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Here are a few things I can think of that we also have. These are games that have been played by my kids around age 4 and up.


"Time Bingo" by Learning resources (even my 4 year old can play the hour and half hour side). ,

How about some file folder games for

Skip Counting (2's, 3's, 5's and 10's)

Numbers up to 150


They LOVE these two and it keeps them busy while I work with the other child.


"Think Fun" Shape by shape game -tangram game


"Mighty Mind" game



This looks like fun too



My kids LOVE to play store with play money. I think that is a great idea.


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