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Mosdos - To skip a grade level or not?


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A question for those who have used Mosdos:


Dd9/Gr4 is new to literature study. In reading level, she could slot into the second level of Mosdos (Coral - Gr 5) with no problem. However, I am concerned that she would then be missing a foundational knowledge that will be assumed. Does the second level of Mosdos review the concepts covered in the first level (Ruby)?


I feel that we are not being nearly rigorous enough in our homeschooling, and that she has lost her "spark". My aim for next year (Grade 4 from January) is to challenge her. But I definitely don't want to be ticking off grade levels at the expense of knowledge.


Any advise, specific or general, would be most welcome.


Nikki (in Australia)

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Ruby (grade 4) covers what is a story, plot, characters,setting theme,internal and external conflict,sequence, foreshadowing,main idea, characters (major and minor), dialogue, internal dialogue, point of view, setting,, mood, what is biography, author's purpose, stated theme,implied, theme,drawing conclusions, compare and contrast, elements of fiction, and nonfiction, elements of drama, fictionalized biography, and poetry.


Coral (grade 5) covers plot, characters, setting,theme,conflict, sequence,cause and effect,predicting, dialogue, character's inner thoughts,point of view and narration,mood,imagery,paraphrasing,establishing setting,symbol,author's viewpoint,theme in nonfiction,biography,autobiography,nonfiction,drama, and poetry.Sometimes several selections are used to further clarify themes, for example, characters.


I used only coral with older dd and she did fine except had difficulty answeringthe analytical questions (the why do you think the character did what they did? type questions).Generally, Ruby's reading level is just about the same as the Coral level. I think the workbook is where the grade level may matter more. I'm using Ruby very slowly with my third grader and I think the workbook is just way more than she is ready for. The workbooks require writing and some children read way better than they understand the writing process. You can use the books without the workbooks quite nicely though.

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We are currently using Ruby. If you use the TM with it, as well as the workbook, the analytical questions are really challenging. I don't think you would be shortchanging your dc in the "challenge dept" by using it before Coral. There is so much more to the program than just learning literary terms -- there is a great emphasis on developing strong character traits and delving deeply into the stories. I don't have any experience with Coral yet, though.

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Bee, thank for taking the time to give me that detailed response! It was really helpful, and it is clear just from what is covered that Ruby will be really challenging for dd.


Amsunshine - your description of the programme captures what drew me to it, and my instinct was to go with Ruby. The "delving deeper" is definitely what I am looking for in our whole homeschool experience for next year.


Mosdos is not cheap, and I'm adding 40% in postage, so I need to make the right decision. I'm sure now, thanks!


Nikki in Australia

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