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So if I don't use SL for reading, how should I assign reading?


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Don't know what age you're looking for--my son working on about a 3rd grade level does three things for reading:

1) Pathway Readers and the workbook--we used to only read them, but he actually LIKES the workbook, dull as it looks to me, and it does cover some good skills in spelling and comprehension,

2) Summaries--we're working off a Sonlight reading list, 2 Int right now, as well as books I add in; he reads a chapter each day and writes a 2-4 sentence summary. I've seen a lot of improvement in a couple of months in his summaries--I don't do much "correcting" but I read them, make sure it makes sense and tells someone who didn't read it what it was about, and tell him about punctuation/spelling errors. He doesn't have to rewrite--

3) Oral reading--he reads one lesson per day orally from the McGuffey Readers. We started in the First Reader, which is SUPER easy, but the emphasis is on reading well, aloud.


Just some ideas; maybe one of the three might help with exactly what you're looking for---



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I tie it to history, for the most part. I also allow free reading of whatever strikes her fancy, within bounds.

Do you do history chronologically? The 4 SOTW AG's have excellent suggestions. So does WTM.


I always pick out a novel that ties in with history, then together we pick out a book for reading, mostly from a list of books highly recommended for girls her age. I like to involve her with choosing the second because two books going at once is enough for her and she's more apt to use it for bedtime reading, etc.

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