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Laughing!!! Just too funny!


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My 10yob has been on a roll. He doesn't TRY to be funny, but he is hilarious!!


Overheard while the boys were pretend playing with bionicles... "Yeah, I remember in 1985 I saw you for the first time. You were a cute little fetus." !!!


Woke up with a squeaky voice, scratchy throat and sounds funny... it's a virus... and he says, "I'm going through puberty and when I'm done, my voice will be deep!" (really, it's just a virus!)



And today he says, "You know what you remind me of, mom? A nun... because you've spent your whole life loving Jesus."



He is frustrated that Christmas is being pushed on us and thinks everyone has forgotten Thanksgiving, calls out to me, "Mom! The school didn't forget about Thanksgiving! They hung up a turkey!"



Victor didn't wear his glasses to the recent church carnival because of the face paint. On the way home when asked if he wants to stop and see some holiday decorations he states, "My eyesight has been weakening lately..." TOO funny!



Oh, that I could just keep him 10 forever... he just such a dear to live with!!!!

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