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Dh was offered a job yesterday...

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while he was at work, lol.


He's selling a service that the other co wants him to sell. He's on a really low training salary for the 1st 9mos w/ his co. He would have a slightly lower training salary for the 1st 90 days w/ the other co--$100/wk difference. He's got 5mos to go on training w/ the co he's working for now.


After training, both co's pay commission only: his: 15%, the other co: 60%. They'd let him work from home or in their (hour away) office.


I guess what I can't understand is why they'd offer him the job. That makes me suspicious. He was trying to help a customer find a temporary warehouse in a particular city, remembered this contact from when he'd worked for his (before seminary) co., & called them.


Iow, there was contact w/ this co a few yrs ago, but not much, & not the particular guy he talked to. Dh says they're not doing business w/ his old co any more, & he thinks they want to get them back. He thinks they think he can do that.


So besides the strangeness & suddenness of it, there's the non-compete contract. Obviously dh will have to reread it, but...if his co has put 4mos of training salary into him, does that matter? He's been talking about needing to look for something else anyway because he doesn't think he can sell enough when it gets to commission-only for us to live on. And, although he's making his numbers, they fire guys all the time for not making theirs.


And it's the kind of place where they write you up for being 3 min late, even if you've been 30 min early every other day. There's lots of micro-managing, partly because his boss comes from another industry. They've brought him in for numbers, but he's managing people, too.


I don't know. It just seems like every decision we make is wrong.

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