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Does anyone use Screemfree parenting techniques?

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If so how does it jive with ouy homeschooling?? How about anyone with a degree (masters,phd,ect) in child psychology or general psyc, counciling or something like that. How does it measure up to your beliefs in homeschooling and children having space and ability to make their own decisions and self direction and self motivation and all that?? Just a question?


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What techniques do they embrace?


I'm getting my MA in part to back up the parenting advice I hope to continue to get published on.


I currently believe in an approach that does not use unrelated, arbitrary or physical punishment. It goes back to Dreikurs, who influenced writers such as Faber and Mazlish and Gaim Ginott.

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Some of my reading let me to the thoughts of: If I have my child at home with me am I not giving them the opportunity to use the skills of self direction or self motivation....One of the benifits of homeschooling is one on one attention so they have less of a chance to "get away with" not doing their work than in a class room of 20....Am I making any sense? I'm with you on the Ginott, Faber, Mazlish. I an avid reader of psychology and counciling books...I will be going back to school(when I pay off my current school loans) for multi cultural psych and community devlopment....Have you ever read Emotional Intelligence....can't remember the author. But I guess my question is how does your educational background help or hinder you in you homeschool?

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