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Today is dd's birthday, and I'm a lucky mommy . . .

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dd turns 11 today. She is my beautiful, special child. She doesn't talk, lives in what seems a world of her own most of the time, and has therapists dropping in and out of the house on many days. And her siblings? How do they respond to their sister?


They made her cupcakes last night for her to bring to school today. They made a (crooked) cake for her today to have after dinner. Cute cards and pictures are taped all over the house, and as I stand here they are coloring a large banner to hang up.


Their sister, who some professionals expressed concern would breed resentment among her siblings for all her demands on her family, professional staff, doctors visits, etc., is adored and loved unconditionally by her sisters who don't see a disability at all. They just see her. A beautiful, perfect creation, and rejoice for all her accomplishments, however small. I see God's perfection in giving her four sisters who, by pure instinct and love, leap in to help and care for her without being asked. Who jump to attention if they see her heading toward unforeseen danger, not because they've been asked, but because of pure instinct and love for their vulnerable sibling whom they love.


Yes, I'm very lucky indeed. (Disclaimer: I'm drinking my second glass of chianti and feeling very sappy at the moment, so bear with me, it's almost over), but I remember the heartache and struggles in the early years of her life, and see now the absolute blessing she has become, and all I can think of is what a faithful God we serve.




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:crying: What a beautiful post. You certainly are fortunate, and so are your children for having a mom like you. I was the only sibling of a disabled child and my grandmother pronounced to everyone with great pride that we were a special family blessed with an angel from God to help us along our own paths. That has stayed with me all these years, and my gosh, how true it is.

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