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Who's using Kinetic Books Algebra?

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My middle dd did KB Algebra I and my oldest dd did KB Algebra II last year as a beta tester. They're both excellent products. My middle dd is very happy that she'll be able to return to KB next year for Algebra II.


The Algebra I program covers everything that's in Jacobs and then goes a bit farther. For example, Jacobs stops at solving systems of 2 equations with 2 unknowns, but KB goes on to solving systems of 3 equations with 3 unknowns.

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We just did it on the computer. If you have a child who has difficulty copying a problem from the monitor onto paper, then you might want to have a paper copy of the text. I plan to order the paper copy for my youngest. She has a lot of difficulty with copying because of her visual perception issues and dyseidetic dyslexia. My other girls didn't have any difficulties with copying the problems.

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