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Vit B6..seizures....some take this...what about B12?

Holly IN

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I have another question. Per Sheryl's suggestion on my post about absence seizures I did the searches. In my search, some mentioned vit b6 alot. From what I read, this needs to be done under the direction of a dr. I understand that.


DS is taking fish oil (1000mg) and Vit B12.


So what is the difference between B6 and B12? Does B12 have any benefits for anything brain related such as focusing and seizures?


Thanks! Just trying to get my ducks in a row before the neuro appt this Friday for ds.



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Look for a fish oil that has 1000mg of EPA per dose (which might be several capsules) vs. one with just 1000mg of fish oil (which might only have 180mg or EPA--the good stuff).


Our neuro has my girls taking a B-100 complex. I don't know all of the differences but it does seem to help some.

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My dh was referred to a neurologist recently for tingling in one of his hands. His bloodwork showed low B12 so the dr. told him he needed to start taking a B12 supplement. Maybe the doctor will order bloodwork for your ds to check his levels.


You might want to read about magnesium and how low levels could trigger some seizures. Calcium and magnesium need to be balanced and it's often easier to get too much calcium from the diet. Calcium excites, magnesium relaxes.

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