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It Stinks Being Awake Right Now

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Up since 3 a.m. :lol: DD 19 left for Washington D.C. with her PAD group at college. She is in for another round of mock trails. :001_huh: One would think that after 2 trips last year I would be used to it and :chillpill:. But nooo here I sit on the computer all worried about her 3 hour flight, missing her ;) and praying that again this year God will be with her throughout her visit. :) And I had visions of me this a.m. playing catch up on logging hours and paying a few bills :D


wife of 23 years to one awesome man

DD 19 college Jr. lovin law

DS 7 hockey player having fun

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So. . my 3 year old got up to get a drink and woke me up. So I laid there, in my bed, for an hour and couldn't get back to sleep. Now I'm on the computer wasting time. . .and thinking about how I wish I could go back to sleep! ;)


I'm an optimist. I always think: "think how well I'll sleep tonight!"

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Monday night, I couldn't sleep all night from "morning sickness". I felt so horrible yesterday.


Last night, Miss Bossy got on top of me, and rolled around. Dh's blackberry and alarm clock kept going off, but I was so tired that I slept SOUNDLY through it all.

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