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Quick AP question on credits

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My daughter took an out of the home AP Comparative Government and Politics class. This class is sometimes taught in one semester (often with AP US Government as its companion) or sometimes taught over an entire year. My daughter's class lasted a year, thus I listed it as one credit on her transcript.


If your son's class lasted a year, my inclination would be to count it as one credit. If it lasted half a year, I'd count it as one half credit.




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I listed it as one credit on my ds's transcript his senior year -- last year. The PA Homeschoolers' AP Econ class is definitely more than a 1-semester course in length and material, IMHO.




Interesting..... my son is in the class this year and I'm counting it as a 1/2 credit course. However, I'm also giving him 1/2 credit for Honors Microeconomics since he plans to take both AP Econ tests in May.



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It depends on whether it's a "block schedule" course that would normally take a year or it's just a half-year course. In our area, all the subjects are a semester long, but the high school students only take 4. Each subject is a full credit, because it's a year's worth of course crammed into one semester. I would ask the person teaching it which it is supposed to be.

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