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In case anyone notices...

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My laptop died last week, and I do all of my online stuff on my laptop while nursing or acting as a bed for my infant. Without it, it is VERY hard to get online. I do have access to a desktop but I have to share it with three kids, and find time to get on when the baby doesn't need me. I rarely have time to be online when I'm not nursing; that's when I do all of the schooling, cooking, and cleaning.


So, I probably won't be around much at all until it can be replaced...which will probably be after Thanksgiving. We're waiting until Black Friday to see if we can get a better price. Since we'll probably order it online, it will be a while after that before I have a computer again.


BTW...we are learning just how important my laptop is. Not having it has been quite a disruption to our days.


Just so you know...

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