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S/O buying and storing half a cow

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I'd ask the meat locker that's processing the beef how many lbs your half a cow is going to be once it's processed. Then you can figure out how big of a freezer you need. Energy Star freezers start at (IIRC) 14 cubic feet. My freezer is a 7.5 cubic footer, and I bought 1/8th of a cow (split a 1/4 with someone). I can't remember exactly how many pounds that ended up being, but there is plenty of room left. I know I got 21 lbs of ground beef, about 5 roasts, a few pounds of stew meat, about 4-5 packages of steaks. I'm guessing mine was about 60ish pounds total. It took up maybe 1/3 of my freezer.


Hope that helped somewhat. LOL

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DH and I are very interested in buying our beef this way; in fact, we were talking about it a few days ago. However, we don't have a deep freezer. How big would it need to be if we want to buy half a cow? Does it save significantly more money to get an Energy Star compliant one?




I'm not sure how much you'd save by getting an Energy Star compliant freezer, but I've read there will be some rebates offered on household appliances if they are Energy Star compliant. I think that program takes effect in Jan, google it for more info.


Estimates for freezer space run 8-10 cubic feet per side of beef. If you have the space for a larger freezer, consider getting a larger one to stock up on your favorite items when on sale.

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I usually purchase a 1/4 cow. I have a side by side frig/freezer. The quarter cow will fill up half of my freezer space. I take shelves out and stack tight.

(My meat processor put the ground beef in tube form so it stacks tight.)



We just purcased a deep freeze this summer of craiglist. Their are lot of small business closing and we were able to purchase a comerical/air lock/key lock freezer that was only a year old for $200.00 The freezer sells for $1200 new.

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Wow, it sounds like it will most likely take up less space than I feared?


I will have to ask the butcher guy how much it'll be, good point (painfully obvious, but missed by me!)


And good point, too, about considering a larger freezer for sale items...


I've been keeping tabs on Craigslist and our local "yard sale" website for freezers, but have been thinking about Energy Star. My mom mentioned Energy Star to me (she mentioned that rebate thingy, too). I'm just wondering if it would really save that much money...


Thanks for your help!



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