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Do you go right into WWE2 in 2nd grade?


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We didn't use WWE 1, but we did do some of our own narration and copywork. My dd is using WWE 2 this year for second grade and doing fine. Do you have access to the WWE textbook? It has placement tests for each level that I found to be very accurate. Hope that helps!

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Just asking because I see older dc (age 9 or 10) on here that are using it a lot and wondered if it's too hard for an average 2nd grader who has done WWE 1.


(I'm assuming the older dc are being remediated.)


If you've done WWE and the last lesson that tests if you're ready--you ought to be fine.


My son turns 7 next week and we're in Week 9 of WWE2. It's a struggle but not because it's too hard, just because he doesn't enjoy writing. But he is improving a lot and it's right-on.


I think it's intended for an average 2nd grader who has completed WWE1, but that some parents are using it to get their older children up to speed if they've missed some writing instruction earlier--



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It depends on the kid using it. My dd is 7 and it's easy for her, but her strength is language and writing. My ds is in 3rd grade and about to turn 9 and we've had to move slowly through level 2, but he seems to have auditory processing issues and the narration and longer dictations are harder for him to remember if he only hears them.


I think an average 2nd grader who has already done WWE 1 will do fine.

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