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S/O rice thread: What is Japanese rice? Where do you buy it? How do you use it?

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You can buy the sticky short grain rice at grocery stores, but I think it is cheaper at oriental markets. I haven't perfected making it, though. I follow the instructions on the package and it turns out pretty good, just not perfect like it is when you go out to dinner.

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Love that rice! We buy the Calrose brand at Walmart. It's already rinsed, so you just follow the bag directions. I put mine in the rice cooker and it's always perfect, so you may want to consider getting one. Dump in your water and rice and press start...no watching for boil-overs...holds the rice warm for you till it's meal time.

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Japanese rice is short grained. Usually it is highly polished (removing the bran and the germ that makes "brown rice" brown). So it tends to be very white.


The texture is soft, and mildly sticky. The individual rice grains tend to hold onto one another, rather than being fluffy individualized grains (the opposite of a rice like Uncle Ben's).


If you've had a sushi roll, that is Japanese rice or Japanese-style rice (as much of this rice is grown in California).


Most people prepare Japanese rice in a rice cooker. But it can be done stovetop in a heavy pan with a well-fitting lid.


It's important to rinse this rice really well, until the rinse water runs clear.


Japanese rice is good when a soft texture is desired, and (naturally) goes well with fish and Japanese cuisine.


If you like a more standard long-grain style rice, and are using generic "long grain rice" (and are not loving the results) I'd suggest you purchase some Basmati rice. Basmati rice will almost certainly please your husband if long grained rice is what he prefers.



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