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Math games for early elementary?


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Guest Alte Veste Academy
We highly prize the Right Start math game set.






I just received this to add to Singapore and I absolutely love it. Money very well spent.

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I'll second (or fourth, whatever) the Right Start math games. I was frustrated by poorly written directions for some games, and the fact that variations were listed separately from the original games, but overall we got a great deal of use out of the games and I felt that several of them did a really great job of reinforcing concepts or cementing facts with an engaging alternative to drill.


My favorite math game by far is Muggins, but he may need to be a bit older for that one.

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Ditto to the recommendations of the Right Start Math Card Games Set.


Others we like: Equate with the junior tile set, Sequence Numbers, Zeus on the Loose, Sorry using 2 dice and then following the directions on the card matching the sum, Chutes & Ladders using mental addition rather than counting off square by square, and Peggy Kaye's games book.

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