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Latin sequence ? (after LL...)


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Dd is steaming through Lively Latin. At the rate she's going, she'll finish it up sometime in February.


I'm trying to decide where to go next. If we go with LL2, we'll go into Latin Prep afterwards. If we don't go with LL2, we'll go ahead into Latin Prep. The question I have is where I would (probably) place her in Latin Prep with either scenario. I'm sort of assuming I'd place her in Latin Prep 1 after LL, with some of it being review. Would that be correct? If she did LL2, would she be able to go into Latin Prep 2?


She's doing well with LL, but I want to make sure that spending time in LL2 will be worthwhile as far as where we go afterwards. I guess I'm also concerned about making sure LL2 is finished in time for her.



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I agree with Laura that I would definitely start with Latin Prep 1. You may find that the first level goes quickly, but I absolutely don't think it will be a waste of time. (While I think the workbooks for LP1 are a fantastic addition, if you've already done LL with good understanding, you could probably forego them.) I wouldn't skip LP1 because the LP books provide *no* review from book to book. It's really like they're a single book broken into three volumes, and each volume simply picks up exactly where the last left off. There's no concept of ramping up after a summer-long break between courses. :)


I have had kids successfully do LP1 at 9 years old (but also, as with G, they've had previous Latin study)... But LP2 is pretty challenging, and LP3 even more so. So if you got an extra year in there by doing LL2, I don't think you'd regret it ultimately...


I guess I'm saying that I don't think you'd be "wrong" whether you do LL2 or not. But either way I'd start LP from the beginning.

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I am debating the same thing, and can't quite come to a conclusion. LL has worked so well for us, and yet I do get frusterated with the errors. LP also looks good, but I can see so little of it, will it really works as well?


Like a ping pong ball I go back and forth.




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