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Dentist-type questions--need advice, please!

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Ok, so we are living in Germany and I don't really have a dentist that I *know*. Therefore, I need advice!


On Friday my boys were doing piggybacks and the youngest (7) was hit on the front (adult) tooth by my olders head. There was a little blood and tears for 15 min or so. He did say it felt "funny" and tingly. Of course, my immediate sense is root canal, given that the same sort of thing happened to me at age 12, and to my eldest dd at age 10. I knew that nothing could really be done on Friday afternoon, so I had him put ice on it for a while and made him eat very carefully all weekend (praying all the time!). Today, Sunday, I took a popsicle and put it on both front teeth. He said that they felt the same and that he could feel the cold on both. It hasn't darkened at all. He said that the tingly feeling was gone.


So, should I assume that my prayerss have been answered? Or should I try to find a dentist to look at it on Monday. I'm just not really sure what he would do if I took him in, other than say to keep an eye on it and notice any darkening. Also, if there was damage to the nerve, I would assume that he would have been in a lot more pain and had would have told me that he had a strange feeling in his mouth.


Please give me advice! I really hate having to deal with dentists/doctors who don't necessarily follow American protocol and with whom I have to use my baby German.





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I would probably keep a watch on it and in the meantime get the name of a dentist who maybe speaks English.


I had a toothache that started on a Friday and by Saturday morning I was literally taking any pain medicine I had in my cabinet. The pain went from 0-1000000 in hours.


I needed a root canal ASAP and luckily my dentist worked on saturday and was able to treat it.

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I would not put ice or anything cold on it because you could cause more damage if the root is exposed at all. When my girls have had tooth injuries the standard suggestion unless it is chipped or knocked out is to stick to soft, mild, room temp foods for a week or so and not mess with it to allow it to heal.

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