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Covenant Home?

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My main question is the price. Is it worth the price? It seems a little high for what you get. Are the day by day schedules worth the price. I priced some of the items by themselves and it came out way cheaper than their curriculum price. So much so that the day by day guides would have to cost $$$. Since they don't sell them by themselves, I can't tell what they value their day by day guides.

I looked at the reviews on homeschool review and it seemed mixed. Some people raving and saying the day by day guides were such a lifesaver and others saying it was too pricey for what you receive and the day by day planners were really just assignment lists.

If anyone has used them for the full curriculum, could you tell me what you liked? Disliked? Whether you felt it was worth the money? Or whether you felt you could have planned just as easily without their day by day planners?

Right now we are using CLP curriculum (excluding Bible) and adding in Writing with Ease and First Language Lessons. I also use MCP Phonics instead of CLP's Adventures in Phonics.

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We are using Covenant Home, but only for BJU Science. For me, the Day-by-Day Planner is worth it's weight in gold. Between that and the answer key that CH produces, it makes BJU achievable in our home school. The BJU Sience TM is just way too overwhelming for my personal circumstances, which are teaching a 4th and 6th grader as well a toddler. There are many here that find the BJU TM necessary, but I have not found the course lacking at all without it. We did add the Activities Manual and it's TM too though which is optional.


I have talked to a few other moms that have used it in it's entirety and they have found the cost difference worthy as well. The Day-by-Day includes additional questions in some subjects, prompts to outline, optional pages for activity books, and generally encourages independent learning as the dc progresses over the years.


We are very happy with the science we chose for this year and will consider other subjects for next.



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Thanks. I have 4 kids and having things planned out would be great. Right now, we are using Abeka science (from CLP) and you really need all their extras to make it work right. Thankfully, I found a lesson plan for it on homeschool tracker plus, but I don't know if I can try to plan out all of CLP next year. I looked at the BJU Science 6 in a local homeschool store and it looked really nice. That was the only grade they had in stock.

I am thinking about starting my will be 4th grader and will be 5th grader in covenant home next year. I am unsure about my younger 2 who will be preschool and 2nd grade.

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