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Name A Children's Movie You Really Like :)

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Love Babe. But my all time fave is The Secret of Roan Innish.



My dds like Roan Innish!


I really like Monsters Inc. It's just such a cute idea and so well done and none of monsters are hideous LOL. I always thought it was unrealistic though, because it had a toilet-trained girl who couldn't really speak.


Until I had potty-trained twins who couldn't really speak. :auto:

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especially Roan Inish, Iron Giant..... and these not mentioned here:


Nim's Island

August Rush

The Parent Trap (the original and the Natasha Richardson re-make)

Cheaper by the Dozen II

The Borrowers


and so many others, the names escape me.:001_smile:

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Nanny McPhee

Night at the Museum 1 and 2

all of the Shrek movies, but I think 2 was my fave (I loved the music :))

LOTR (all of them)

Harry Potter (all of them)

The Neverending Story


Hocus Pocus

Ice Princess



Ever After (does that count as a kid's movie?)


... and probably many more. I usually like the ones that my DS watches better than the girly ones, though. I can't stand all that High School Musical/Princess Protection/Camp Rock/Waverly Place stuff. :tongue_smilie:

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I adore Finding Nemo.


I will admit to actually liking the High School Musical movies.


As mentioned, loved Enchanted, but even more - Ella Enchanted.


Night at the Museum

The Game Plan





Nanny McPhee

Mary Poppins

Stuart Little

Bedtime Stories

Nims Island

Kung Fu Panda

Zoom: Academy for Superheroes


That's all I can think of right now.

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I adore Nanny McPhee. When I'm not feeling well, my 6yo would say, "Let's put in Nanny. That'll cheer you up."

I also love Series of Unfortunate Events, Harry Potters (the more recent, the better) and Water Horse.


P.S. We quote Series all the time in our house. My little one does Olaf as the dinosaur and it's so cute!

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The Red Balloon


Shaggy DA

Sound of Music

All of the old Pippi movies, I made a tape of them in the 80's when Tom Hatten still had his Sunday Family Film Festival! My girls get to watch him talk about the movie and Astrid Lindgren.


Does anyone remember this one?

I love Bugsy Malone.


contemporary movies:

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

My Neighbor Totoro (Miyazaki movies in general)

Nanny McFee

A Christmas Story


I also really liked The Princes' Quest

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That Darn Cat with Hayley Mills, really pretty much any Hayley Mills movies for ex. Trouble with Angels, even Pollyanna. also Parent Trap.


almost all Disney animated movies, dh especially loves Lion King and Finding Demo (me too) even the old ones Cinderrella, Sleeping Beauty et.


I like the High School Musical movies and Camp Rock (I enjoy watching then with dd)


We have pretty much all of the Disney animated movies.


Narnia movies


or and for tearjerkers:

Tomasina (Disney movie about a cat)

The Incredible Journey (I think that is the title, about the 2 dogs and cat trying to get back home)

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