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I'm back after a long break...I have some questions about the Slidell area of LA

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Let me tell you that a month without internet access is the modern equivalent of medieval torture.


And then trying to catch up on all that you have missed, well that is nigh on impossible.


Before I went in to the black abysses of no internet, I asked here about moving to Louisiana.


Dh is now working in the Slidell area. His job requires him to be out there for a month at a time (I'm in FL), so we thought it would be easier on all of us, if we just move out there.


So here are my questions.


What is the Slidell like? Would you live there?


If not Slidell, then what town would you recommend to live in?


What are the homeschool laws like in LA?


Since Slidell is close to Mississippi, is there a town in MS that would be good to move to?


What are the homeschool laws like in MS?


I think that is all I have to ask at this time.

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Louisiana homeschool laws are easy. You can either 1. Register as a private school yearly with a letter to the state. That is all. No testing, no evaluations, no fuss. or 2. Register as part of the Home Study program which requires state testing and yearly report cards and outlines of your curriculum. They in turn can supply you with books if they have them available.

I don't know much about the home study b/c we just register as a private school.

I have never lived in Slidell, but have visited. It seemed nice enough when I stayed there.

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We visited the Slidell area and liked it, but otherwise, the only thoughts I have to offer is that we always suggest renting first when moving to a new area... that way YOU can get to know where you like to shop, live, and the general area.


We did that with all our major moves to VA, FL and PA and haven't regretted it once. Find a short term rental if you don't want to rent for a year. Even a month can give you better ideas. It does mean moving twice, but most things can stay packed and it's worth it IMO.

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You will want to ask a lot of questions about previous flooding. We have owned homes in both Slidell and Mandeville (a nearby town, a bit west, which may be of interest to you), and said if we had to do so again, we would choose a home north of Interstate 12 to avoid future flooding issues. You would certainly want to learn about insurance rates for flood & hurricane proection, they will likely be steep since Katrina.


It has been many years since I lived in Slidell, but I would question the crime rate today. Slidell is the first Northshore town one crosses into from New Orleans, and New Orleans East used to have some really rough spots. I commuted from Slidell to Uptown New Orleans for my job - at times a hair-raising drive. It may be perfectly fine, but I'd ask around to try to check it out from that angle.


Areas you may want to consider in addition to Slidell include Mandeville, Covington, Madisonville and other points just west of Slidell. Depends on how far your dh wants to travel to work each day. Towns to the east in Mississippi may also be an option, Long Beach comes to mind, particularly if you are a coastal beach-loving family and are used to that in your Florida location.


FWIW, one big change you have probably already discovered is that you will have to begin paying state income tax again when you leave Florida.


I agree with the others, renting is a great idea and will give you a chance to explore the area. It is a culturally ripe region and you will have fun. If it's still there, check out Morton's in Madisonville for boiled shrimp and crabs and oysters on the half shell - yum!

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I live in Slidell. There are several active homeschooling groups in the area. There is also a homeschool store, Homeschool Cottage, that can be a great resource. As to an area for living, it's hard to say without knowing what you're looking for. What size house are you looking to rent? What kind of yard do you want? Price range?


I'd be happy to help you with any other questions. Feel free to email me at amymclose@yahoo.com.

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I used to live and homeschool in La. And unless the law has changed in the last year there are 2 ways to register:

1. Private school option is now called the unapproved home study. Send a letter every year with your school name stating that you teach 180 days per year. Period. That is it. Very easy. Lots of homeschoolers register this way.


2. Approved home study. You can either test yearly OR send in portfolios. Testing is NOT required in this option. (unless the law has changed in the past year)


We always sent in the simple form to complete with portfolios. The portfolios were returned with a nice purple stamp that said "Approved." When I lived in La, it was so nice to see that offical approval from Baton Rouge. And, when we moved to TN and registered with our umbrella program, the previous years "approved" stamp automatically transfered my high schoolers credits with NO questions asked.

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My husband grew up in Slidell and we still have family there. It's a nice place and WAY busier than it was 10 years ago! I would echo renting. You should be able to find good rentals pretty easily, especially with so many people leaving after Katrina and the upheaval in the market. I love New Orleans - lived there 5 years, married there, love it (I am a very conservative Christian and there are still TONS of things to do with family/kids).

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