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When you hear about a tragedy, is it selfish

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if your first thought is about the safety of potentially affected loved ones?


My dh just called. Apparently there are multiple people shooting up Ft Hood - right now. Only one gunman was caught as of 10min ago. Several people are dead and/or wounded. My bil, dh's sister's husband, is stationed there, and they live on base, with two little girls. The shooting is in their neighborhood. But thankfully his sister and the kids are at my il's right now, and bil is supposed to be in the field.


I'm really thankful they are safe, but I feel bad that most of my concern was directed toward them, and not all those other people in danger. I mean, I don't want any of them hurt, and I'm praying for them, but I still mostly feel relieved that my family is ok, rather than the initial horror I felt when dh told me about it. I guess it is human but still....


Please pray for everyone involved.

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Let's say your friend is having a similar experience. Ask yourself this.


Wouldn't you be shocked if she asked about the welfare of everyone else BEFORE asking about her own family?


I think your response is appropriate and frankly, I'd be worried if you DIDN'T feel that way.


Glad to hear your family is okay.

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Not to take away from the seriousness of it, but...


Here's the first sentence of the article (emphasis mine):

At least seven people were killed dead and 20 others were wounded in a mass shooting incident Thursday at Fort Hood, Texas, where at least one suspect were believed to be in custody, NBC News and NBC affiliate KCEN-TV reported.
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Thank you for all your responses - they have helped me sort it out logically. My brain was trying to tell me the same thing, and yet my emotions just didn't agree. It helps to hear it from other people.


Martha, I hope that your family members are ok, and you hear from them soon.


Gardening Momma, that does seem a bit redundant, doesn't it? :001_huh:

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