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Here's a great picture book about Hildegard (Middle Ages)


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Secret World Of Hildegard



Hildegard von Bingen composed hymns and symphonies, painted glorious pictures, compiled books on medicine, and wrote religious revelations of such ethereal beauty that they inspired the respect of Popes and kings--all in the Dark Ages when most people were illiterate and women were disdained.



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Thanks for the recommendation, I hope our library has this one!


As a side note, I would hesitate to fully go with the Women-Were-Treated-Worse-Than-Dogs depiction of early (mid or late) medieval attitudes. It certainly wasn't all sweetness and light, or close to what we consider fair these days, but I don't think human beings in Europe all disdained women!



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To complement the book you mention, op, listening to some of Hildegard of Bingen's wonderful music would really bring her story alive. This is one of many great cds of her music.



I too was going to post to suggest that you listen to Canticles of Ecstasy. We listened to this during the year we covered the Middle Ages and continue to do so.




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