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Need book rec's....trying over here on h.s. board....

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We booked the kids sail free on the Disney Mediterranean cruise (we've had no family vacation in 3 years..two house payments, lots of life happenings, and we need to take my parents who celebrate their 48th anniversary next year on a well needed trip..) Sooo.....I've got three kids ages 14, 11, 10 who LOVE to read....I'm at a loss of where to get started on a list of reading books that will help bring that part of the world alive for them. The ports are mostly Italy, but we also hit France/Malta/Spain/and Tunisia...so even something on the crusades would be helpful.


Sutcliffe has great books but they're mostly on Roman Britain, we've done Detectives in Togas, GA Henty, Bronze Bow, Golden Goblet in the past....my daughter loves Mara of the Nile and Pearl Maiden....but we can't seem to find titles to bring the western Med to life. I did buy a book on the Vatican/Mother Theresa/and a few on the masters....


Any help??? Thanks!!


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not exactly recommendations, but a line of research...


I recently pre-read Master and Commander and would *not* rcmd for kids, but someone else responded to my disappointed post with a suggestion for a kids' title by Patrick O'Brian. (I don't have time to search for it, but I'll bet you could easily find it by searching with my name and M & C.) The reason I thought you might look that up is that M & C was a very cool read since I knew a bit about the eastern coast of Spain (Denia, Valencia, the Balearic Islands, on up to Barcelona) and those areas were heavily mentioned in M & C. I raced upstairs to find my dd and read her snatches of the book, since we had been there this summer! I was like a kid with excitement!! Pehaps the kid title would have some of those connections for your kids.


Another couple of thoughts:


- The Shadow of A Bull is an old Newberry about Spain and bullfighting. I don't remember it being extremely gory when I preread it several years ago.


- anything about Hannibal will cover the western Mediterranean as the precursor to Hannibal's campaign into Italy was subduing the Iberian peninsula. (I just read an adult title that I couldn't put down, but it was disappointingly "adult," so reader beware...)


hth even though there weren't specific titles

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Red Sails to Capri by Ann Weil is a good book for all ages - we read it years ago as a Read Aloud from Sonlight and our whole family really enjoyed it (including myself and my DH)


Also, you might enjoy books by Caroline Dale Sneideker. Her titles include The Spartan, The White Isle (Britain(, and The Forgotten Daughter (Ancient Greece and Rome) (this one includes some romance, not sure about the other titles - on the shelf but not yet read) You might be able to find her books at your library, if they haven't purged all the old books. I think Beautiful Feet also carries them.


For non-fiction, you could look for books by Peter Connolly. He has written lots of good books books on ancient history that are very readable, including books on ancient cities in Greece and Rome.


Mythology books are always fun, and how about something on the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World? You may be seeing where some of them were on your trip! (your trip sounds like tons of fun!)


For something not set in the Ancient world, you could look for children's versions of Don Quixote or Dante's Inferno.


Bethlehem Books would be a good source to look at for interesting books that are not too graphic - I am sure they woulod hae some good choices.


Have fun looking!



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These books are GREAT!! I've already put Anna and a few others on my Amazon list...trying to find some of the others...y'all are GREAT!!! I knew someone would have covered this ...


I'm also interested in books that may cover Paul's journey to Rome....we will be traveling many of the ports he did..and it would be interesting to read about his travels there...




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Oh, R.M. Ballantyne's book, Pirate City, would fit the bill. It's one of my recent favorites. Here's a synopsis I found online:


The Pirate City is the story of the Algerian pirates who were the scourge of the Mediterranean sea during the early to mid-1800s. They would plunder the ships of other sovereign nations, and as a result were a wealthy little city-state, until their demise in the Barbary War. In this story, set during the heyday of the pirates, a merchant and his sons Mariano and Lucien are captured aboard their trading vessel, and taken as prisoners to the pirate capital of Algiers. A rousing tale, the reader will follow their adventures to rescue other prisoners, experience life in the pirate city, and join in their attempts to escape. Forced to endure slavery as “Christian dogs before their Muslim captors,†the heroes rely on Providence to bring deliverance, and ultimately win their freedom through their friendship with the Dey — the ruler of the city. R.M. Ballantyne actually spent time in Algiers and dressed himself as an Arabian to research this book, and its historical accuracy is amazing as the reader learns about life with the Algerian pirates.


Other books my sons have enjoyed include: The Roman Mysteries series (for the younger kids), The Flying Ensign (Spain), and The Aeneid (you could do the book In Search of a Homeland instead of the original).


Have a great time on your trip! It sounds wonderful.

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