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Queens Pictures in Cursive-Question


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I am looking for a Colorful workbook for my daughter to go along with her Cursive Copywork. We started with Cursive First. We are going to transition out of doing HWOT Manuscript in January and do Cursive the majority of the time.


Has anyone used the Queen Homeschool Supplies books "Pictures in Cursive"?



They look like something my DD would enjoy. She loves Art and I think I could tie art lessons in with it.


If you have used this how many lessons are in each book? Is the Primer worth it or should I just skip to A.


My DD can write every letter in cursive but still needs extra practice on her basement letters. This is what we have been working on lately.



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I ordered the Primer for my son and book B for my daughter. They are beautiful books. My kids also love art, so they have really enjoyed using them. If your daughter already knows how to form the letters, I would skip to book A. Primer begins with forming each letter and does not have any art work until lessons 18-25. Also book B has 12 lessons with 5 sentences for each lesson. We only use this 1 day a week for copywork so one book will be enough for us.

Hope this helps you ;)


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