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Missouri Mama's - another question.

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When your child reads a book about a related history subject, do you count that as both History AND Reading?


For instance, DS just sat down and read a book about George Washington as part of our history studies. We also have a book, Johnny Tremain, that DS is going to read. Just wondering if I can kill two birds with one stone.

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My kids have "reading" twice a day. One of those times it is "required reading" and is usually history (sometimes science) related. The other time is "free reading" during which they can read whatever they wish. Ultimately, it's your homeschool and you can count it however you please. Only 600 of your hours must be in the "required subjects," correct? Even if you did an hour of "free reading" each of the 180 school days then that would be almost 1/3 of your hours. I wouldn't think it would become a problem.

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Sort of, but I still think it's a no if she's wanting to count both books under both subjects in this state.


I wouldn't count the hour twice, if that's the question. However, she could split the difference without a problem, I would think. You only need 1,000 hours of instruction time, yes (600 in the core areas)? If you count all field trips and such (the schools certainly do) then you shouldn't have a problem reaching that. Therefore, it's more a matter of record keeping for your own purposes.

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