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Latin for Children vs. Latina Christiana I

A.J. at J.A.

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Hi all!


My 3rd grader is using Prima Latina (and I'm pleased with it), and my 5th grader is currently using Latina Christiana I (he's doing okay, but isn't really enjoying it. The dvd seems pretty dry.)


I recently purchased Spanish for Children from CAP, and am seeing their Latin for Children and wondering if I might jump tracks with my older one next year, when he's done with LCI.


Any experience? I'd love input with someone that has done both and been able to compare them. Also, someone who is currently using LFC and can tell me more about how it works for them. DVDs are an absolute necessity for me, because I'm learning right along with my sons.


Also, if I were to switch after LCI, would I be able to jump into the second level of LFC?


Thanks so much,


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but I enjoy LfC more myself. The chant cd is wonderful and the videos are more fun. The book is more interesting to look at and the activity book is fun. The vocabulary hasn't been a problem. I have 3rd graders in my co-op classes mastering the vocabulary easily. The grammar is more 4th grade and up, but my third graders are not overwhelmed.

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I started out with Prima Latina for my 5th and 2nd graders (thought I could teach them together and I have no latin background) but it just didn't feel right for us. Since switching to LfC and Songschool Latin we have been very happy - Latin is probably our favorite subject! We also use and rely on the DVD's. I watch the weekly chapter with my oldest son and we are learning Latin together. I test with him and work with him on the worksheets and activities. Sometimes I copy off my own test, I feel it's important that he knows that I am in this with him.


I am so happy with CAP products that I'm going to start either greek or spanish in January and am considering their bible lessons for when we get to the next easy starting point. Great programs, I like the black and white illustrations and free resources on the website. Check out FlashDash Latin for computer drill (breaks things up for my kids, we use this every other week or so). We use the chant cd daily, for review about once a week we listen to all the previous chapter's chants. I pick and chose from the activity book and sometimes have to help my kids with those review exercises. We do the worksheet and quizzes weekly.


LfC is a very easy, well-structured curriculum that would be doable alone by many children and, for me, is a pleasure to use alongside my students.

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I too am learning along with my dc. Currently, dd7 is doing Prima Latina (from the LC series), and my two older kids are working through Memoria Press's newest release, First Form Latin. (Before this year, ds9 had completed both Prima and LCI, and dd10 had completed Prima, LCI, and LCII. I do not buy the DVD's b/c of cost issues.) So, this year is really a good review year for dd11, as she has seen all of the material before.


We tried Latin for Children a couple of years ago, and I was totally lost. We quickly switched back to LC. (Again, I don't buy any DVD's, so maybe that's why I was lost.) IMO, LC is ideal for us right now. Maybe now that I'm more confident with Latin, I'll get LFC back out.


We are really liking First Form Latin. It is put out by the same press as LC, and I think it is actually an improvement on the LC curriculum. It "fixes" some of the problems we had with LC. It offers much more practice/seatwork than LC, and comes with both a student text and a separate work text. It lays things out more clearly for parents like me who are not Latin experts. And the guy who does the drill CD is fun and cheerful, not "sleepy" like the female voice on LCI and II. My dd has a crush on him, I think.:lol:


All that to say...we'll probably continue through the LC/First Form Latin series, and then graduate to...who knows??? :confused:

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