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Any homeschool programs that give outside oversight but allow parents to teach?


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I asked earlier about Jubilee academy, and that didn't sound too good!


I'm asking for a friend: "I would like a site that provides Christian guidance and would allow me freedom to teach the kids too."


She is looking to homeschool her kids, but wants a more structured situation where she has outside oversight and scheduling, but gives her freedom to teach as well. Do any of you have experiences with some of these programs?? If you do, can you name some of them and give pros/cons?



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We just started with Alpha Omega Academy this year --they have a print option (LIFEPAC or Horizons) starting at 1st grade, and a computer option (Switched-On Schoolhouse) for 3rd grade and up. It's a great fit for us --the curriculum is pretty easy to teach, IME, and it's well-structured. Parents do the day-to-day teaching, the Academy teachers are there for help and they do the final grading of tests. Since we're doing the paper workbook option, I send in the tests and a quarterly report, but IIRC, SOS is more automatic --everything is automatically graded and sent in. It's an accredited school as well, so that makes the legal end of things a little easier in some places. Link is: http://www.aoacademy.com . You're limited to their curriculum, though --which could be a plus, or a minus, depending on how you like it.

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