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What do you think of Reflections on a Revolutution in France?

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I haven't read this and I haven't seen it either. Could anyone tell me about this book? Did you like it? Would you include it in a 9th grader's list of books for the year?



Thanks so much!


Sorry....I meant Revolution!

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Well, personally, I'd skip it. Ds read part of it last year in 11th grade (it was in Omnibus III). We both found it dense and tough going, not to mention boring, and he's a good reader. I think I got the gist of what Burke was saying in the beginning of the book, though I can't recall it well enough to articulate here. After ds struggled with it for a week, dh spoke up and said he didn't think the book was worth the time and effort. So we dropped it. Right before this book, ds read A Tale of Two Cities and really enjoyed that. What you might want to do is find a commentary or synopsis somewhere of Reflections on the Revolution in France, and then see from that whether you think it's worth reading the actual book.


Maybe others will share their opinions as well.

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So, one for it and one against it and one for excerpts. Even if we did decide against it, I would still like to read excerts so thank you Dee for those book suggestions. I'm still thinking we should read it. We could read this aloud-especially if that will help dd who would be in 9th at the time of the reading. Would this help?


More opinions and advice are always welcome!

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We read it last year, also as part of Omnibus III, dds were in 9th and 11th grades.


I think it was a valuable book, but what you get out of it will, in large part, be dependent on what other reading you have done and where your interests lie.


I (not dd's) subsequently read the recent book, "Reflections on the Revolution in Europe" which paid homage to Burke in its title. I was so thankful that I had read Burke beforehand.



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I've been wondering if there are any other books to read which revolve around the French Revolution that someone could recommend.


We will read Burke's "Speech on Conciliation", Tale of Two Cities and maybe The Scarlet Pimpernel but other than those I'm not sure what else. Any ideas would be appreciated...



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