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Feedback on www.onlineg3.com users for MCT & Lightning Lit. classes


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I appreciate any feedback on users of http://www.onlineg3.com online curriculum.


I found out that they are adding new classes this spring:


Word Within A Word/Magic Lens

Lightning Literature mid-American

Discovering Music

Mythology (I believe for 6 wks)


These are what they offer right now that I know of:


Lightning Lit 7 and 8

Voyage Island/Caesar's Eng I

Voyage Town/Caesar's Eng II

History of US by Hakim 1 A and 1B

History of US by Hakim 2A and 2B







Do you like the delivery of instructions? support from teachers? satisfied with degree of teachers' feedback? quality? quantity?


Thanks so much.



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Ds is currently taking Grammar Town/Caesar's English I class. Here is my take on it:


1. The teacher did a great job choosing assignments, cooridnating students' online input, providing interesting games for practicing concept, giving feedback, and conducting the class.


2. Brainpop membership and tech courses come with the registration of any class which adds value to the class itself.


3. I really like the teacher and she conducts her class. At the beginning of this semester, some kids were having a hard time settling down during classes, she was very kind but very firm with them. She corrects misbehavor immediately. Now the class goes much smoother.


4. I wish she would not double the load by finishing one year's worth of material in one semester. Even though ds hasn't complained about the load, I think it'll be more enjoyable to do Caesar's English at normal pace.


5. We will not continue with them. I think it is more efficient to teach the material myself at this level and pick and choose what assignment I give. I will consider joining them again though when we hit WWW/Magic Lens level.

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