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Great blog post about HSing by SWB

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I tend to agree that the attitude of defense is passe, or at least should be, when conversing with any person who might have any sort of tiny grip on educational options of our time. I, of course, say that with the complete realization that most of the general population doesn't really have that grip and many home schoolers are initially defensive (those with and without cause).


The only portion of the article that I can't ride along with is, "Of course, that would require us to develop an entirely new attitude towards our local school systems–say, one of helpful friendliness." Every time we have worked in conjunction with a local school for something the pleasantries of tooth filling cross my mind. Although we politely carry on, not only are we literally looked upon strangely by staff, simply for being home schoolers; offers of assistance are dismissed; we are constantly reminded of the many reasons we do home school, most of which stem from some fashion of chaos in the public schools. Helpful friendliness is either unrecognized or unwanted.


I don't get defensive at all, though. Those behaviors warrant no reaction. I don't bother to comment, but I continue to observe and I am actually thinking a little helpful friendliness from the locals may have encouraged me to expand my family's participation.


Finally, hats off to the few teachers that offer the kindness. Those teachers are there, but in general, I don't feel the warm fuzzies from those affiliated with the p.s. system, particularly once they hear we're home schoolers.

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