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Grant me patience!

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Wow. Both my kids are sitting here whining!


8 yr old whining and whining and rolling on the couch because he having trouble (note...does not want to) complete his phonics workbook.


5 yr old is whining and whining some more because he wants me to dig out his Christmas stocking so he can play with it.


Of all things that kids do....it's that whiny irritating noise that I HATE!


It does not help my patience at all that I was up most of the night with a coughing baby. I'm tired and I don't want to hear whining!


There. Now *my* whine is over.

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I am not fond of that noise, either. My dd6 is just...off today. Whiny and shrill and upset by very small things that normally wouldn't bother her. She isn't showing any other symptoms of illness, but she actually asked for a nap, so I've put her to bed for a while.


Hope your day gets better.

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