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Is it okay for my daughter to take oscillococcinum in her applesauce?

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She started showing flu symptoms last night (dh is just recovering now and I'm hoping to avoid it - taking lots of garlic and extra vitamin c) so I started her on a dose of oscillococcinum. It didn't go well - she seriously hates to take medicine of any kind and it was a real battle. Same issue this morning.


I was going to try dissolving some in water but I figured if she knew about it she wouldn't swallow it anyway so I ended up mixing it up with her applesauce. Can I keep doing that or is she losing all benefits of taking it by doing it that way?


Also does anyone have any recommendations for other things I can do to ease her through this? So far she's only got a mild fever, very tired, slightly stuffy nose and a bit of a cough.



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I have no idea how the oscillococcinum tastes, or if it is suitable for crushing, but for 6 months, I gave my then-2 yo a daily dose of an antibiotic crushed up in a spoonful of chocolate syrup. She still, at age 9, has a strong gag reflex, and I occasionally give her whole pills in a spoonful of chocolate syrup. Chocolate syrup has a much stronger taste than applesauce, so it might do a better job of disguising the taste.



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Oscillo tastes like sugar to me -- I'm surprised she didn't like it.


I'd think that it's fine to add to a spoonful of applesauce or peanut butter. It's not ideal, but it's better than nothing...


I'm not a big fan of tricking kids, but in this case, I might be tempted to call it candy, tell her dad (within her hearing) that it's too bad she can't have some b/c she's sick, and see if she asks for it. :P


Other things to try to get into her:

Vitamin D3


Antioxidants (A,C,E, etc.)





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