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Soph the Vet can you help?

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Guinea pigs with fleas? Dog and cat are on advantage and clean but the piggies have fleas. What can I use on them?


I am not a guinea pig expert by any means but I understand that Advantage and Revolution are safe to use on guinea pigs. Advantage dose is 10mg./lb. or 0.1cc per pound applied on skin on back of neck.

I'm posting Revolution guidelines below as there are different concentrations. Please stay away from Hartz products! And make sure they are really fleas, pigs can get chyletiella or lice too! Revolution should take care of all of those and I would do it 2 or 3 monthly doses in a row.


Selamectin -- (Revolution) dt.gifCalculate Dose in mg and cc

A newer treatment for mites and lice requiring a prescription. Apply topically to the skin. Pfizer reportedly advises 10mg/kg for cavies. Selamectin does not have ivermectin's proven safety track record but some cavy owners appreciate the convenience of once a month topical dosing.

NOTE: Tubes come in different concentrations (either 60mg/cc or 120 mg/cc). Individual tubes contain from 15mg to 360 mg selamectin and vary from 0.25cc to 3 cc by volume.

dt.gif Example: Mauve tube treats up to 2.5kg of cat and contains 15mg per tube. [Each tube contains 0.25cc at 60mg/ml -- see PICTURE OF PACKAGE]

So if the concentration is 60mg/cc and the dosage is 10mg for a one kilo pig, the dose is 0.167cc. If you use the 120mg/cc tubes (which are twice as concentrated), the dose is smaller: 0.0833cc for a one kilo pig. To dose individual pigs, multiply their weight in kilos times either 0.0833cc (for the 120mg/cc tubes) or 0.167cc (for the 60mg/cc tubes).

dt.gif Example: for a pig of 0.5 kilos using a 60mg/ml concentration:

0.5kg X 0.167cc/kg = 0.0835cc Dosage: 10mg/kg goup.gif


Hope that helps!


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