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Inexpensive Spanish curriculum for a 5th grade nearly 11 year old who is eager but...


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Discovery Education United Streaming basic package is $139/year via Homeschool Buyers Co-op. It offers a complete Spanish curriculum from K-12 with worksheets as well as other Spanish programming. The plus is that it also has just about any kind of educational programming you can think for k-12 such a phonics, math, science, grammar, history, music, art, geography, etc.


Forgot to add, that DE has a 30 day free trial and that I truly love DE. Also, you would not need the Plus package since the basic package has all of the foreign languages.


Also, you could hook computer up to your TV in order to watch on TV:)



Another thing to try for free is Livemocha.com which offers rosetta stone-like courses on a variety of languages. I would supervise any children using the site though since occasionally a small pop box will appear asking if you want to converse in spanish, etc. I just close the pop up. I have never seen anything offensive as well and the pop ups were rare.

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